Contact us to see how crops
and conservation can
co-exist on your acreage.
Federal CP-33 Habitat
Buffer Strip thriving
alongside soybean acreage.
Successful conservation in Northwest Indiana   
Call us if you have a property in Northwest Indiana that is, or could be,
used for conservation or habitat acreage. We provide services from  
consultations through planting and maintenance practices to help  
develop your very own conservation property.
We specialize in small properties and parcels
To many of our farming friends, "small acreage" is a relative term.
We have smaller equipment which makes it easy to maneuver in parcels
up to eighty acres.
If you have a private property, or have enrolled in Federal
conservation programs, we can help you  develop the parcel.
We encourage long-distance landowners to contact us.
We are very comfortable dealing with long-distance landowners.
Updates will be communicated regularly through phone and email as
your property progresses.
Bluestem Acres LLC
Planting & Maintaining Conservation Properties
We will be glad to work with your NRCS and DNR plans on
               Federal-enrolled properties.
We will work with you to make sure you understand the costs and
processes involved in building your private or federal-enrolled
Planting & Maintaining Conservation Properties
We encourage no-till
conservation farming